A BFN and Ankle Surgery

Just a little update, late as it may be, but we were not successful in our last IUI. It was devastating, as always, and I was not able to post the results until now.

Currently, I am posted up on the sofa with a giant cast. I decided to go head and get surgery on my ankle over the holidays probably as a way to distract myself from the latest baby disappointment. BIG mistake. I forgot the fact that the holidays are hell and I wouldn’t be able to do the things that I fret over every year like buying everyone’s presents, keeping the house clean, cooking, shuffling dogs to and fro, etc.


We’ll be taking a break from ttc until after the New Year. With all the stress and side effects that come with IUI, it seemed wise to take a breather and focus on just making it through the holidays alive.

I’ve also decided, as one does when the New Year rolls around, that I would like to be more open about our struggles and publicly post an ode to infertility. It’s something that has been so moving to read from others going through the same thing and I feel a sort of responsibility to add to the discussion. This will be in my next post.

Happy New Year!

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