Supplements for Fertility

I’ve started seeing a new acupuncturist who specializes in fertility acupuncture at The Texas Center for Reproductive Acupuncture and I thought I’d share with you the supplements that I am already taking and the ones that I’ve added per suggestion of my new acupuncturist.

pill pic2

Prenatal Vitamin – Innate Baby & Me Multivitamin These vitamins are all natural, vegetarian, dairy free, easy on the stomach and have folate instead of folic acid. The instructions are to take one pill twice daily. I am taking the prenatal in the morning and then a different multi-mineral in the evening.

Omega – NuTru O-Mega-Zen + EPA soft-gels  No fish burps! These vegan soft-gels are derived from Algae, contain EPA which is necessary to grow a healthy circulatory system, and DHA which is key in developing a healthy central nervous system.

Hawaiian Spirulina – Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina tablets Spirulina is a blue/green algae that works wonders for fertility and the immune system. I’m so glad that my acupuncturist recommended these because I’ve been thinking about taking them for a while now. My dogs also love them!

Probiotic – Enzymedica Pro-Bio In my opinion, everyone should be taking a probiotic. I take these because they were recommended by Anthony William of The Medical Medium and are formulated to survive the acidic environment of the stomach, ensuring active probiotic function in the small intestine. This also helps to support immune function.

Coenzyme Q10 – Pure Encapsulations CoQ10  This was another one that my acupuncturist suggested. She also said that David should be taking these too. Found in every cell of the body, CoQ10 is a part of the electron transport chain which is responsible for generating energy in our cells . It is used to reduce inflammation and act as an antioxidant. I will be taking 600 mg/ daily and my husband will be taking 400 mg.

Multi-mineral – Mary Ruth’s Liquid Nighttime Multimineral  This is the multi-mineral that I referred to earlier. This vegan formula is designed for maximum absorption and supports your body in receiving the nutrients it needs to rebuild and calm the cells and nerves throughout the night. The ‘coconut dream’ flavor is pleasant but the consistency does take a bit getting used to. One’s husband could place in a cup and deposit as their sample, if you know what I mean.



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